Our unique Customer Service!

We want to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations every single time!

Since 1978, we are proudly serving the Manufactured Housing & Awnings Industry. We cater to the contractor as well as to the Do-It-Yourselfer. Our huge inventory includes everything from setup to aftermarket items such as awnings, skirting, doors, windows, sinks, tubs, plumbing parts and much more!

What sets us apart from our competition? Our unique Customer Service! So – what exactly does that mean? Simply put we want to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations every single time. Our obsession with providing excellent service is a result of us expecting it personally when we deal with others.

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    Since 1978

Our customer service in three words?

Personal. Competent. Convenient.



We believe in personalized communications: all calls are answered by of our employees, usually within three rings. And you can be sure we never forget to follow up!



You need help with your project? Our staff, with more than 50 years of combined experience in the Manufactured Housing and Awnings Industry, will be at your disposition recommending you the ideal products for your needs.



We go where you need us! We offer state wide timely deliveries to all of our contractors. We store more than 1,000 products tailored to the needs of the manufactured housing industry in our 20,000 square foot warehouse. We have many items on display in our showroom, and we help you with those hard to find items for your manufactured home. Whatever you need, whenever you need it – we have it and will get in to you at the right time!

Our team of dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate people is committed to ensuring your success. Day by day. Now and in the future!

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